Who We Are

BuildWall is a diversified construction company, made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries. All working to design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects all over the USA. But we believe that projects are about more than concrete and steel.



INTER-BAU CONSTRUCTION LIMITED is a subsidiary of Landgold Holdings Limited, which is a well-known multifaceted business organization.

Inter-Bau is Nigeria’s leading indigenous construction company, with a history dating back to the early eighties with the establishment of its operational base in the Delta State Capital of Asaba. The company was founded in response to the increased demand for infrastructure construction, rehabilitation and maintenance in the country following the oil boom and the corresponding growth in all other sectors of the economy.

Major areas of specialization at INTER-BAU include Civil & Building Engineering Construction, Civil & Architectural Designs, Erosion control, as well as consultancy services in these areas.The company has a proven record of providing quality and cost-efficient services in all these areas of specialization and continues to adapt and respond positively to challenges posed by Nigeria’s infrastructure development.

In its three decades of existence, the firm has strived to make robust investments in the highest brands of construction machinery and allied equipment. This, combined with its many years of experience, INTER-BAU has and will always execute high-quality and cost efficient projects, to the glory of God.

Sir NathOkechukwu is the Founder, Proprietor, Chairman and Chief Executive of Inter-Bau Construction Limited. He is a renowned businessman and has been a key player in the construction industry for over three decades. He is an experienced administrator with diverse interest in the pharmaceutical business, insurance, engineering consultancy and merchandise.

Sir NathOkechukwu has at various times held board appointments in notable Federal Government and private sector organizations like Central Water Transport Corporation (CWTC) and Premium Securities Limited. He has a wide knowledge of the socio-economic landscape of the country.